Ten unusual tours not to be missed

March 24, 2012

A tour of Amsterdam’s red-light district takes you through weaving alleyways and seedy saloons. — AFP picA tour of Amsterdam’s red-light district takes you through weaving alleyways and seedy saloons. — AFP picNEW YORK, March 24 — A new tour in the Czech capital Prague has promised to expose the “best of the worst” corruption in the city, in a bid to highlight the excesses of the city’s graft.

It’s a unique idea to draw attention to a real problem, and it appears to be going down well with both locals and visitors, who have described the tour of lobbyists and rich businessmen’s villas as “a fantastic experience.”

If you’re keen on stepping away from the traditional city tour in favour of something slightly more unusual though, Prague isn’t the only option.

Dearly Departed Tour

Los Angeles, California, the US

This tour takes in some of the final resting places of the stars, including Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin and — as of late — Whitney Houston.

Scandal Tour

Washington DC, the US

Gross National Product (the comedy troupe, not the economic output) offers a regular tour taking in the scandals and cover-ups of Washington DC, now including  the Congressional Gym where Anthony Wiener “twittered his tweeter to the world”. 

Jack the Ripper Tour

London, the UK

Fancy taking a jaunt through the darkened, terrifying street of Jack the Ripper’s London? This tour takes visitors on a journey into Whitechapel a century ago, to the final resting places of the Ripper’s victims.

Delhi Slum Tour

Delhi, India

This glimpse into the live of Delhi’s poorest street children has been criticised as “voyeuristic purism”, but organisers claim it offers an opportunity to understand the problems and for the children to communicate.

Homeless Tour

London, the UK

Professionally coached homeless guides offer visitors to London a view of the city through a totally different lens in this award-winning project, which claims to introduce “a new social consciousness into commercial walking tours”.

Dark Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This tour takes visitors through the weaving alleyways and seedy saloons of Amsterdam’s famous red-light district, including time to chat with a former prostitute to better understand the rules, regulations and culture that makes Amsterdam unique.

DMZ Tour


The border that a separates the two Koreas is the most heavily armed in the world, but that doesn’t stop hordes of tourists turning up for this popular day trip. Visitors can explore North Korea’s infiltration tunnels and get into Panmunjom, the Joint Security Area in the middle of the DMZ where negotiations between the two sides are held.

Troubles Tour

Belfast, Northern Ireland

This walking tour is led by former political prisoners from Belfast’s loyalist and republican communities who share their own perspective on the decades of conflict which divided the city.

Helter Skelter Tour

Los Angeles, the US

This tour offers a three-hour immersion into the world of the Manson family, following the trail of the Tate and LaBianca murders committed in the late 1960s.

Slavery and Underground Railroad Tour

New York, the US

The Underground Railroad was once used to transport slaves from captivity to freedom along well-worn routes dotted with historic homes and churches. This tour takes in the route of the “railroad” and tells the stories of New Yorkers who risked their lives to help slaves escape before abolition. — AFP-Relaxnews