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Dong Zong pushing narrow agenda — Tam YS

March 25, 2012

MARCH 25 — I saw this report by The Star, “Dr Wee: My duty to listen to problems of the community”, and I admit I was saddened by the behaviour, bigotry and immaturity of the Chinese who were present.

I do not know the exact “semantics” of the issue, i.e. the removal of non-qualified Mandarin teachers in Chinese vernacular schools, and/or the shortage of Mandarin-speaking teachers.

But I do think the members of the Chinese community who propound that view are too narrow minded and arrogant.

We must fight relentlessly for injustice that has been served on our community, but in Malaysia, if we truly want to live graciously and in harmony, the question to raise is not whether it is possible to remove non-qualified Mandarin teachers from Chinese schools, but to ask why the number of non-Malay teachers fall so far short of the national ethnic ratio.

If the recruitment of teachers has been impartially done in accordance to the racial composition of the country, we would have sufficient teachers for any scenario. So let’s address the issue in the right way, and not behave so perversely.

Additionally, I do not agree that a Bahasa Malaysia teacher in a Chinese school must be Mandarin speaking, nor should this be required even for a Mathematics teacher, if the teaching medium is in English.

We protest and cry when the Umno provocateurs stir up the racial and religious emotion at every turn, but are we any better?

I am happy for the restraint shown by Datuk Wee Ka Siong.

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