Sharaad Kuttan

Sharaad Kuttan is a journalist currently rummaging about the cultural baggage gifted to us by decades of authoritarian rule.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid

OCT 30 — So the last of the US presidential debates is done and for us who live beyond the borders of America, we can finally take stock of what’s... READ MORE

The great political bake-off

OCT 4 — Can one read in the victorious crumbs of the Michelle Obama-Ann Romney cookie bake-off portents of the November 6 US presidential election?... READ MORE

A gun to my head

NOV 4 — I had wanted to begin this essay by drawing attention to the disturbing death threat received by constitutional law expert Prof Aziz Bari... READ MORE

The talented Mr RPK

APRIL 30 — You could be forgiven for confusing RPK with the comedian Harith Iskandar. While it’s true that they both have shaved pates and... READ MORE

Gandhi was bicameral, so what?

APRIL 8 — Until about mid-afternoon Wednesday, I was feeling light-headed from the sheer laughable depths the country’s politics had plunged... READ MORE

The biggest loser Malaysia

JAN 7 — When I read the news of the “open verdict” on the Teoh Beng Hock inquest, I felt nothing.  Nothing of the anger, nausea and outrage that I... READ MORE

Preaching to the unconverted

JUNE 15 — It’s confession time: I have held a prejudice about the advertising industry for several decades now. I saw it largely as one dedicated... READ MORE

Waving, not drowning

MAY 27 — There are a few clichés that I cherish but only of late have I come to feel entitled to verbalise them without embarrassment. This sense... READ MORE

Everybody, start your autobiographies…

MARCH 19 — When you look out of the windows of the Annexe Gallery in downtown KL, you’re looking down at a primal Klang Valley scene. It’s an urban... READ MORE

Look back in anger

MARCH 11 — Cheras is, at the best of times, ugly. I can’t think of a word that better captures the essence of this district of the Klang... READ MORE

And the future belongs to …

MARCH 4 — The applause was not as robust as I felt it was going to be. After over an hour of thought-provoking and entertaining theatre, presented... READ MORE