Kamal Amzan

Dr Kamal Amzan is concerned about where the country is heading, and whether the correct diagnoses and treatment will be able to save us all. He believes that politics is both an art and a weapon, which can be deadly in the wrong hands.Follow him on Twitter at @drkamalamzan.

Stop with the violence already

APRIL 29 — Malaysians need to respect those with different opinions. Democracy is about having a multitude of ideas that doesn’t necessarily agree... READ MORE

Paradise at our doorstep

APRIL 18 — The best things in life are sometimes just around the corner.  For instance, I am very used to being stared at whenever I walk into a... READ MORE

Who’s accountable?

MARCH 2 — If we use the quality of our roads as a yardstick, we can expect the collapse of more buildings and bridges. One would think that we have... READ MORE

No to foreign interference

FEB 22 — It may not be the shirt you wear. Or even the pants or shoes you have on. It doesn’t matter what your political inclinations are or what... READ MORE

Lost in translation?

FEB 13 ― It is heartening to hear that the one who gave out white packets for Chinese New Year does not speak for the ruling government. He does... READ MORE

KPI for Bangsa Malaysia

JAN 18 — I was at a friend’s wedding banquet recently. I should add, a Chinese wedding banquet. Naturally, I was placed at the table for... READ MORE

Malaysia Boleh? Not anymore

JAN 4 — It is an open secret that we are still losing the best and brightest overseas. Ask any of our medical, law, engineering students beyond our... READ MORE

Who do they think they are?

DEC 20 — Politicians never learn, do they? Either they are slow learners, or they think we Malaysians are. Perhaps it is the education system they... READ MORE

Get out of the hair salons

DEC 2 ― I wonder if PAS has anything more than meets the eye. As the inevitable 13th general election approaches, and political parties scramble... READ MORE

How to help the Palestinians

NOV 30 — I am all for the Palestinians. Their woeful state of affairs screams at the double standards in human rights practised by those in the... READ MORE

Need for IPCMC now

NOV 22 — We need the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission, or IPCMC, set up, stat. I am not sure about the rest, but I have not... READ MORE

Speed bumps and other matters

NOV 9 — I haven’t written in a while. I blame it on exams, assignments, classes and, of course, work.  There were many things to write about over... READ MORE

Getting it done, and done right

SEPT 5 ― I was not brought up with a silver spoon. My siblings and I went to public schools, did not carry handphones, laptops, Gameboys or any... READ MORE

So, what is the real crime here?

JULY 27 — PEMANDU said on July 10 that Malaysia’s crime index fell by 10.1 per cent between January and May this year. Well, that was what PEMANDU... READ MORE

Little Africa in the making

JULY 13 — The home minister must be proud of himself for successfully making this country home to so many foreigners. The Nigerians, Sudanese,... READ MORE

Enough with the conspiracy theories

JULY 4 — Some say DAP is an ally of the PAP. Even if it is true, so what? Yes, I am aware that PAP championed Malaysian Malaysia back in the 1960s,... READ MORE

Good neighbours

JUNE 26 — Dear Indonesians, I write to you as a Malaysian citizen who is appalled at the latest Jalur Gemilang burning ceremony in Jakarta. I... READ MORE

PG18 and kisses

JUNE 22 — What do you think of a kiss in a PG18 movie? No, this is not a PG18 article so please don’t shoo the kids away (or feel... READ MORE

A morally bankrupt nation?

JUNE 14 — Let me start by declaring myself merely human, one who is especially prone to making mistakes. My life and beliefs are personal matters... READ MORE

When the police need to do some real policing

JUNE 1 — Thomas A. Edison said: “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other... READ MORE

What exactly is a ‘Malaysian’ standard?

MAY 25 — The Health Ministry wants to register bandages, syringes and stethoscopes. Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said in The Star (May... READ MORE

Time to lay the cards on the table

MAY 16 — I think Pakatan Rakyat would do well to come to a consensus involving the hudud. Apart from DAP and PAS, I haven’t heard any decisive... READ MORE

Minimum wage, revisited

MAY 10 — This is getting tiring. Let us begin with the news report from The Star on May 1, 2012. It said: “A focus committee will be set up to make... READ MORE

Time to be a ghost buster!

APRIL 25 — We have traitors among us. Wearing masks and pretending to be our knights in shining armour, bearing gifts and presents for the... READ MORE

PTPTN should remain

APRIL 19 — Those who do not like the idea of taking a loan for their studies are free to do so. They can source for other ways to fund their... READ MORE

So, you want to be a doctor

APRIL 13 — “A trainee doctor was found dead after an overdose. He was found dead with a used syringe beside him, with a drug used to fight off... READ MORE

One school system, 1 Malaysia

APRIL 9 — My father wanted to send all of us to Chinese schools. Apart from learning Mandarin and being good at mathematics, he felt it was... READ MORE

Putting an end to bogeyman politics

MARCH 30 — When I was young, my parents used the bogeyman to keep me in check. Of course, it was not to traumatise me, but just to get me to sleep... READ MORE

Come one, come all

MARCH 22 — A US High Court judge once said: “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few,... READ MORE

Why minimum wage is not a good idea

MARCH 12 — Instead of setting up minimum wages, why can’t we implement maximum wages? Set a figure, and those who earn more than that should be... READ MORE

A list of things to be sorry for

MARCH 9 — Dear Prime Minister, I hope you are well. I write to you as I was moved by your apology. It was timely on your part as my belief in the... READ MORE

Just who are you protecting by banning Erykah Badu?

FEB 29 — To those who are a bit ancient, let me just say that people seldom tattoo something on their bodies because they are against it. They do... READ MORE

Cinemas today, what next tomorrow?

FEB 27 — One politician is adamant not to allow cinemas to operate in Bangi. His words, according to The Star report published on February 15,... READ MORE

Leave the book out of it!

FEB 22 — The people at the Home Ministry should do a bit of travelling and broaden their horizons.  Instead of focusing on deporting foreigners... READ MORE

Time the government woke up

FEB 16 — To the government of the day, please get your priorities right. Stop planning a policy to tell Malaysians which doctor to go to, and how... READ MORE

An independent judiciary… really?

JAN 11 — We are a funny lot. Just because of one acquittal, we claim to have an “independent” judiciary. Forget about Eric Chia, forget about the... READ MORE

Moral policing must end

JAN 8 — Dear State and Federal religious officers, Let me start by thanking you for your efforts at keeping immoral activities at bay. You and your... READ MORE

Wishlist for 2012

DEC 26 — It is a little less than a week to 2012.  As many of you know, the Mayan civilization had many theories about the world ending on December... READ MORE

Non-halal books? What’s next?

DEC 15 — Muslims can now can look forward (or backward) to bookstores having halal and non-halal sections nationwide. Publishers get ready. Books... READ MORE

One citizen’s wish-list

DEC 7 — Dear YBs, I hope that you are all in good health. I write to you as an ordinary Malaysian citizen who wants to see this country back in its... READ MORE

Are you talking to me?

NOV 25 — I was at a car accessory shop a few months back and this was a conversation between two mechanics. “Try pulling it out a bit lah.” “I’ve... READ MORE

Time for 1 Education

NOV 21 — I don’t care what colour skin you have, what colour your eyes are, or where your grandparents hail from. I couldn’t care less what, when,... READ MORE

Busy, busy… busybodies

NOV 17 — We, as a nation, are obsessed with our fellow countrymen.  We wanted to ban the poco-poco and yoga, tell Elton John and other homosexuals... READ MORE

What Malaysians want

NOV 13 — What a way to end the year.  Everywhere I read, the country seems to be losing money.  The national airline, TNB... not to mention the... READ MORE