June Rubis

June Rubis has spent the better years of her adult life with the primates in the Borneo rainforests. She has no regrets. She now spends most of her time working with humankind. There are some regrets.

‘Sarawakian first, Malaysian after equality’

SEPT 16 — It isn’t easy to be in the forefront of a controversial home-grown campaign to stop the 12 mega-dams from being built in Sarawak. After... READ MORE

The Dayak tea party

SEPT 10 ― It must have been a beautiful day for an outdoor tea party in West Kalimantan. It is the early 1980s when Borneo’s forests are still... READ MORE

Listening to the voice of the real youth

JULY 11 — My students at the Youth Prep Centre at Alamesra, Sabah were excited. An opportunity to share their views on migration and social... READ MORE

Don’t tell me it’s just a perception!

JUNE 27 — Once upon a time, I used to be more adventurous and care-free. I spent a lot of time travelling and working alone in the field. I’ve... READ MORE

‘I was surrounded by 30 policemen…’

MAY 1 — There were about 30 policemen and DBKK (Kota Kinabalu City Council) personnel surrounding us. Some of us were clad in yellow Bersih... READ MORE

More than the colour of an angpow

FEB 1 — Call it as you see it, Ibrahim Ali has a knack of keeping himself relevant.  I don’t know what he was thinking when he merrily gave white... READ MORE

Why English, ah?

NOV 17 — Many years ago when Rick Astley was the heartthrob of many, and hairsprayed bangs were de rigeur, I was in the top science class in... READ MORE

Let’s give Malaysian youths the dignity to vote

AUG 29 — The day I turned 17 was the day I felt like an adult. I could drive! I was no longer dependent on my mother driving me around. I could go... READ MORE

Good cop, bad cop

JULY 17 — A few days ago, I had a conversation with a taxi driver who was excited about July 9th. While he had supported the rally, and could list... READ MORE

Why July 9 must go on

JUNE 30 — I’ve noticed something interesting of late.  A few middle-class intellectuals back-pedalling on their initial support for Bersih 2.0.... READ MORE

Bersih 2.0: Why I will march

JUNE 23 — We can only look back at our past to recognise the pivotal points that have brought us to where we are today.   Today, I am blessed to... READ MORE

Damn dirty Dayaks

JUNE 2 — I once asked my father, “Tell me something interesting about our family.” Obligingly, he told a tale of our great-great-great-great... READ MORE

Of forest spirits and conservation

MAY 27 — The problem with conservation work is this: when you have finally done a right, it feels like a wrong. I had only been based in central... READ MORE

Don’t give up on Malaysia

MAY 19 — Discovering the fresh corpse of an orangutan was probably the last straw. It had been shot several times and left to die on a riverbank.... READ MORE

Behind the iron gates

MAY 5 — We stand separated by an iron gate. Concerned villagers and relatives of Numpang Suntai are quietly gathered outside the gates of the... READ MORE

Did you hear about the Bidayuh who voted for DAP?

APRIL 22 — We were like a bad bar joke: two Bidayuhs, a Lun Bawang, an Iban, and two Malays walk into a DAP ceramah in Kuching. The crowd is mostly... READ MORE

A Sarawakian voter’s dilemma

APRIL 14 — Sarawak has never seen anything like it: the focused attention from Peninsular Malaysia during a state election.  From the political... READ MORE

Your Allah is also my Allah

APRIL 2 — Last year, when I was working in Central Kalimantan, the way back home to Kuching was quite taxing. I would take a flight from Pangkalan... READ MORE