Hsu Dar Ren

Dr Hsu Dar Ren is a medical doctor and blogs on socio-economic issues; he believes that a fair and equitable society with good governance is the key to the future of this country.

Symptoms of a deeper ill

JAN 18 — Recently, a YouTube video about a forum held in a university went viral. This particular forum has now been dubbed the “Listen listen... READ MORE

Will PR become the proverbial rabbit?

NOV 23 — As the end of the year approaches, there is still no sign of any election being called. Now it looks like the general election (GE) will... READ MORE

Apathy, crime and feeling safe

JULY 13 — The late Bo Yang, a famous Taiwanese writer, wrote a book called “The Ugly Chinese.” While what he said is true for certain groups of... READ MORE

Yes, Prime Minister, we need answers!

APRIL 30 — Two days after Bersih 3.0, and after viewing many videos and photos on the Internet, I would like to pose a few questions to the... READ MORE

Goodbye, Steve

OCT 7 — His passing will be missed by the whole world as his influence is everywhere. Steve Jobs’ foresight led him to develop the first... READ MORE

The debacle of mishandling

JULY 11 — The dust has settled from the Bersih 2.0 march and life is now back to normal. The much-anticipated rally took place and despite the... READ MORE

Demeaning to men as well

JUNE 9 — I was brought up in a family where girls and boys were treated the same. I had a brother and a sister, I being the youngest of the three... READ MORE

When belts cannot be tightened anymore

  MAY 26 — I chatted with an old patient of mine after a consultation yesterday. He was probably suffering from the side effect of stress and not... READ MORE

A case of “too little too late”

APRIL 19 — Ironically, both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat leaders are happy with the Sarawak election results. The only exception is SUPP... READ MORE

History or his-story?

DEC 22 — Shih Huang Ti, the emperor of Qin who united the warring factions of China over 2,000 years ago, was a shrewd leader. He wanted to live... READ MORE

When it’s OK to be wrong

DEC 3 — To someone new to Malaysia, the one thing that will strike them is the way people drive cars here. There are many good and obedient... READ MORE

Within the Four Seas, all men are brothers!

AUG 23 — My late parents were both teachers. My father was the headmaster of a school in Perak for 26 years. My mum and family moved to Penang when... READ MORE

A horse must run fast but must not eat hay

AUG 10 — MCA President Chua Soi Lek has suddenly found himself the target of vicious attacks. The attacks from the opposition were expected since... READ MORE

The ‘A’s mentality: UPSR and PMR

JUNE 27 — There have been suggestions that we use a school-based system to replace the standardised national examinations  like UPSR and PMR. In... READ MORE

What choice do we have?

JUNE 18 — I stay in Petaling Jaya and work in Kuala Lumpur.  Even though my house is about 20 minutes’ walk from the nearest LRT station, I take... READ MORE

What is there to invest in anymore?

MAY 23 — It used to be when friends asked me what shares to buy, I would recommend a few solid blue-chips like Perlis Plantations (PPB), Public... READ MORE

A doctor too many

MARCH 26 — Malaysia, a country with about 26 million inhabitants, boasts of 24 medical schools now. Just a few years ago, the number was less... READ MORE

Kill the chicken to warn the monkeys

FEB 6 — The recent racist remark by a top aide to the Prime Minister may be a signal that all is not well in the dominant party. A general in... READ MORE

Hazards of crossing the road

JAN 7 — Ever experienced having to run across a busy road, even when you are crossing at a zebra crossing? Ever experiencing darting in and out... READ MORE

It must be lonely to be old

JAN 1 — My late father drove a car until the very day he died of a heart attack at the ripe old age of almost 90. He got his heart attack not... READ MORE

Squeezing a piece of dry cloth drier

DEC 16 — Malaysia faces the prospect of dwindling income from petroleum since petroleum is a depleting resource and will not be there forever.... READ MORE

Isn’t racism as dangerous as communism?

DEC 12  — In September 2008, the Umno supreme council decided to suspend Ahmad Ismail for three years for uttering racist remarks. Many people... READ MORE

PKFZ now! National interest first!

NOV 4 — In the triple jump, a jumper has to accelerate, hop, step and jump. The step must not exceed the jump line, otherwise the jump will be... READ MORE

That time of the year again

OCT 22 — It is that time of the year again. No, I am not referring to the durian season, nor to the festivities like Deepavali, Hari Raya or the... READ MORE

Winning the ‘penny’ but losing the ‘pound’

SEPT 29 — From reliable sources, the Umno candidate for the coming by-election in Negeri Sembilan will most likely to be the former mentri besar,... READ MORE

A most frustrating hassle to become citizens

SEPT 18 — Two days ago, 92 “lucky” people became Malaysian citizens, many of them after a wait of many years. Many of these are more... READ MORE

The essence of humanity

AUG 10 — I don't eat beef because many generations ago my ancestors were farmers, and they needed their cows to help them plough the fields in... READ MORE

Lessons from the Taiping rebellion

JULY 16 — History is a reflection of past events from which we can learn valuable lessons; lessons which can guide us to avoid certain pitfalls... READ MORE

Science and maths should be in English at secondary level

JULY 10 — Initially, when I got wind of the decision to revert back to mother tongue language to teach science and maths in primary schools, my... READ MORE

Unity government or two-party system?

JUNE 9 — Since the last general election, the party that has gained the most is not PKR, unlike what many people think, but rather... READ MORE

Every person has a square of heaven above his head

MAY 22 — I remember my late mother, who was a very wise woman and a teacher by profession, used to tell us (my siblings and I) that there is a... READ MORE

To YB, from your Boss

APRIL 15 – Dear Yang Berhormat, You do not know me although I know about you, since you are such a famous person. I am just one of the... READ MORE

The tales of the 2 Bukits

APRIL 8 — The results of the April 7 by-elections are not unexpected. While the status quo was expected to remain, what was surprising was the... READ MORE

Don’t break the mirror on the wall

MARCH 25 – One of the common things about all human beings is that all of us make mistakes at one time or another. To err, after all, is... READ MORE

Elizabeth Wong and partisan politics

FEB 18 — Elizabeth Wong has been asked to go on leave and PKR will only make a decision whether to accept her resignation when she returns. The... READ MORE

The oil paradox

FEB 17 – Crude oil prices have fallen so much and so fast that it is almost beyond belief. It was pushing US$150 eight months ago and quoted at... READ MORE

Good medicine is often bitter

JAN 25 – In the aftermath of the KT by-election,  alarm bells are ringing in the home of every top BN leader. The writing on the wall is clear... READ MORE

The KT ‘bye’ election

JAN 20 – Last Saturday, on the night when they counted the KT by-election votes, I was out for a dinner with my wife. Suddenly, the people at... READ MORE

Manhole syndrome

JAN 10 — A few months ago, roads in the Sea Park area in PJ were resurfaced, to the relief of the residents there, since the last resurfacing was... READ MORE

IJN should not be taken over

DEC 19 — As a healthcare worker myself, I am worried by the proposed privatisation of Institut Jantung Negara (IJN). After IJN was set up, the... READ MORE

Freedom to choose

Dec 14 – Friday morning on my way to work I heard a discussion on the radio about whether parents should  be  friends to their children. There... READ MORE

Time for a moratorium on the NEP perhaps?

DEC 1 - Some time back, I wrote an article "From greenback to our economy" where I predicted that the US dollar would appreciate against the... READ MORE

Can Malaysians live that dream too?

NOV 3 — On July 4th, 1774, a declaration was adopted by the Second Congress of Thirteen States of America, then at war with Great Britain. This... READ MORE

A lesson from the Solidarity movement

OCT 16 — Although I have always subscribed to the belief that a broader movement representing the poorer sections of the people regardless of... READ MORE

Pak Lah and his legacy

OCT 12 - The Prime Minister has decided to step down after March 2009. This has been expected given the manoeuvring and politicking in the past few... READ MORE

Is the Race Relations Act the solution?

SEPT 26 — A Race Relations Act (RRA) sounds good. But what sounds good may not be good. What sounds good may even be bad or redundant. In the... READ MORE

Back to the grassroots, Gerakan!

SEPT 18 - When Datuk Zaid Ibrahim was appointed as de facto Law Minister tasked with reforming the judiciary, expectations were high that, at long... READ MORE

The magical qualities of 916

COMMENTARY SEPT 16 - Today is 916. So much has been said about 916 that it has become a magical figure! Whether there is any change of government... READ MORE

Time for Gerakan to regain credibility

SEPT 9 — Immediately after the March 8 general election, I wrote in my blog that three options are available for Parti Gerakan which suffered a... READ MORE

From the greenback to our economy

SEPT 4 — The signs are there that the US dollar is making a comeback. The US economy has been sluggish and badly affected by the sub-prime... READ MORE

A square peg in a round hole

AUG 18 — A grassroots member asked me recently about the role of Parti Gerakan in the Permatang Pauh by-election. I told him that this... READ MORE

The curse of the third generation

AUG 14 — The ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu once said "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a... READ MORE