Helen Hickey

Helen Hickey is a British freelance journalist living 40 floors up in New York City's Upper East Side with her hubby, cat and four children who miss everything Malaysian, even those dodgy traffic cops.

St Patrick’s Day in Manhattan: A celebration

MARCH 25 — On a balmy Saturday morning, the streets of Manhattan teemed with St Patrick’s Day revellers in their thousands, decked out in shamrock... READ MORE

Last stop: NYC?

FEB 26 — Dylan arrived back home this week. He came by FedEx in a gold bag with a silky black tie on its handles bearing the words “beloved pet.”... READ MORE

Happy Holidays in New York City

JAN 1 — If I hear one more “Happy Holidays” I shall look the jolly greeter hard in the eye and blurt out: “It’s Merry bloody... READ MORE

No wigs, please

DEC 27 — My nine-year-old daughter has a lovely head of glossy brown hair; why would she need to wear a wig? But Amy and her team-mates were the... READ MORE

Homeless at Thanksgiving

NOV 22 — New York is gearing up for Thanksgiving Day this Thursday, one of the largest and oldest non-religious holidays celebrated in the United... READ MORE

It just keeps getting bigger and better

NOV 7 — On a crisp, sunlit morning, New York City stretched its arms out wide and embraced the sound of whooping crowds, street parties, rock bands... READ MORE

What next for Occupy Wall Street?

NOV 1 — A newly-erected watchtower, surveillance cameras, police units huddled in tight  discussion and more than a dozen manned NYPD vehicles... READ MORE

NYC’s Occupy Wall Street: Democracy in action

OCT 17 — When hundreds of protestors were penned in with orange netting and arrested on Brooklyn Bridge earlier this month, I knew something big... READ MORE

Being the best

SEPT 30 — A black stretch limousine pulled up in front of Fifth Avenue’s New York Public Library, and the woman everyone was waiting for on that... READ MORE

At De Niro’s table

SEPT 12 — Malaysia’s Hari Merdeka is a holiday conveniently falling on our wedding anniversary. We celebrated it four times in Kuala Lumpur, at... READ MORE

Irene: New York City’s historic hurricane?

AUG 29 — It’s rather fun to be writing my very first column just hours before Hurricane Irene arrives on our doorstep, or to be more accurate, the... READ MORE