Muhyiddin: Non-bilingual teachers to be reassigned

April 04, 2012

PETALING JAYA, April 4 — Rehabilitation teachers from Chinese vernacular schools who are not qualified to teach in two languages will be transferred to national schools starting April 16, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced today.

The deputy prime minister, who is also education minister, said in a statement today that the Education Ministry made the decision following an investigation into claims by the Chinese schools' board of governors that there are approximately 100 rehabilitation teachers in Chinese schools who do not possess Chinese language qualifications.

Muhyiddin (picture) confirmed in his statement that only seven of the rehabilitation teachers investigated were found to have the required qualifications.

The rest who do not will be reassigned to national schools, he added.

Muhyiddin also cautioned against the politicisation of the issue, saying the government takes the teacher-shortage issue in Chinese vernacular schools seriously and that its focus is to improve the overall quality of education in all schools.

On the issue of the dual-language qualifications of teachers who teach Bahasa Malaysia and English, he said teachers with the minimum Chinese language qualification at the SPM level will teach the subjects in grades A and B Chinese vernacular schools for Level One (Years One to Three).

Schools with low enrolment will be taught by teachers who have the minimum SPM Chinese language qualification, he added.

In terms of long-term initiatives, Muhyiddin said the Teacher Training Division and Teacher Training Institutes are in the midst of drafting an Add-Option Intervention Programme to train teachers who do not have the option of Bahasa Malaysia or English as well as those who have taught subjects other than the Chinese language for more than five years.

Muhyiddin said 105 graduate teachers with SPM Chinese language qualifications will be posted to these schools.